Our Story

Our Story

We are a leading company in the export of products derived from Sugar Cane, being our star product panela or piloncillo. During our fifteen years of work, we have committed ourselves to the panelero sector to highlight at international level the work of our Colombian producers, offering our customers high quality natural products. We are committed to our society and the environment, making Social and Environmental Responsibility one of the pillars of our company. At IMEPEX S.A.S, we strive every day to leave the name of our country, Colombia, and its traditions up high, creating products that meet international standards.


Promote the export of excellent quality product, that meet all the international market standards, satisfying the needs of consumers and contributing to the agricultural and industrial development of our country, through strategic alliances with national and international suppliers.


We want to be the most important integrating and exporting company in Colombia, known by its high quality, compliance and service, highlighting the commercialization of products with a high content of social and environmental responsibility.

We are a
Fairtrade Company

Oferta Fairtrade